How to Choose the Right Inventory Management System: 5 Essential Tips to Follow

Selecting the right inventory management system takes time! Here are 5 essential tips that will help you simplify the process!


If you are looking for an inventory management system, you’ve probably realized that there are lots of options out there, making the process harder. You can’t just choose the first inventory management software you find, as sooner or later you will discover that the software is not suitable for your or your business company.


So, where to start? There are 5 essential tips you need to follow, in order to find and choose the right software:


  1. Determine your budget – The first thing you need to do is determine your budget. It is almost impossible to find the right inventory management system if you don’t know your budget. A carefully defined budget can save you time and effort, will narrow down your search, and you will not spend time on systems that are out of your budget range. The inventory management systems can vary in price from free to $100.000. This means that there are various options in terms of capabilities, quality, and scalability. Not knowing what your price range is will limit your chances to find the perfect fit. There are systems for small office market, lower market, software, mid market software, upper market software, and enterprise software. The price will depend on the type of software you will choose.
  2. Identify your inventory challenges – There is a wide range of different prices, but also there is a breadth of system functionality and capabilities. You need to be absolutely sure you know all of your inventory processes and the possible challenges you may face. This will help the inventory management experts to recommend proper solutions that can meet your needs and solve your inventory challenges.
  3. Know exactly what integrations you need – Is your business company using accounting ERP, CRM or some other software? The new inventory management software system you will choose should integrate with the other systems you currently use. If it doesn’t, that may be a problem for you as you will have to enter data manually. You are also risking of potential data loss or data update delays. You need to find and choose a system that can integrate with the systems you use and improve the overall visibility and efficiency.
  4. Know how you want to track the items – As you probably know, there are different ways of tracking inventory, meaning it is really important to know exactly what method you want to use. For example, you can track your items using RFID tags, barcodes, kitting, serialization, lot control, and etc. Not only there are various methods but there are some that will work better with specific inventory processes. You need to understand the importance of choosing the method, before you actually start your search for an inventory management software.
  5. Know the number of users that will access the software system – When searching for an inventory management system, it is really good to know exactly how many users will access the system. The price of many inventory management software systems have extra costs for more users. Determining the user needs will be useful when you contact the company and view the pricing. By knowing the number of users, it will be easier for you and for the inventory management system providers to determine the end cost.

By following these great tips, you will be on your way to finding the ideal inventory management system for your business company. So, are you ready to start your search?

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4 E-Commerce Website Templates That Will Attract Massive Online Following

Do you want to make customers start queuing on your e-commerce website?  Well. The word queuing might not fit in this situation.  It means that a large number of customers are buying products from your online store. However, for this to happen, you must be conscious when choosing your e-commerce website template. The website template acts as a magnet to attract or repel your prospects in the virtual realm. A great theme will result in high traffic on your site. Also, the opposite is true.

However, choosing a template for an e-commerce site is not easy. Notably, with the availability of more than a thousand paid and freemium website templates, picking the best template for your webpage can be a difficult decision to make. In this regard, searching for recommendations can enhance your decision-making process which will save time and money for you. This article presents three best-voted e-commerce website templates that will attract massive conversions on your e-commerce website:


If your dream is to have a modernized homepage for your site for e-commerce purpose, Revo is the best bet. This theme from Shopify works well for all types of stores.  Also, it is easier to customize.  Revo comes with superior features that enable you to enhance customer experience and online engagement in your store. To ensure you have achieved your goal of having a splendid site, Revo offers you unlimited color options.

You can alter the font colors as well as the background ones. Also, it provides you with visual builders to harness your site appearance.  This way, you get a chance to showcase your products. In addition, you can display your items using different layouts provided in this template. As such, you have an opportunity to make your site easier for customers to navigate.

New Standard

The next great e-commerce website template from Shopify is New Standard.  As the name suggests, this theme is standard and works well for all type e-commerce websites. With it, you are sure of a design that is clean and simple. Regardless of it being a standard theme, it comes with a pack of great features and designs all of which are accessible on the Shopify platform.

In addition, you do not have to worry about making your website unique neither should making it mobile-friendly be a challenge. The template comes with features that enable you to achieve this goal.  Apart from this, the New Standard template allows you to upload slideshows to showcase your product images. This aspect allows you to attract customers. In a word, a template is an essential tool in enhancing the customer experience in your e-commerce website.


If Revo and New Standard do not meet your needs, you can turn to Supply. Supply is a popular e-commerce website template for webpreneurs seeking to have large inventories in their virtual stores. The template design offers you secure browsing across various product categories sanctioned on your site.

As you know, social proof is a crucial aspect of this era. So, you must give your customers an opportunity to write reviews about your products. This template integrates easily with popular and top product reviews apps which allow your customers to review your products and air their views through comments. Hence, it enables you to win massive future sales.

Final thought

In a word, picking one of these e-commerce website templates can enhance your web traffic and conversion rate. Also, the templates have the power to boost your customer experience. Hence, if you are thinking of renovating your website or modernizing it, the above templates are a perfect choice.



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